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Kyoto Cooking Circle is a group teaching Japanese home-style dishes to foreigners, and was subsidized by Kyoto City International Foundation in 2003. Monthly cooking classes are held at Wings Kyoto.

What's New?
* Cooking Class in July 2016 *

July 10th (Sun.)
 14:00 ~ 16:00

“ WINGS KYOTO ” 2F Kitchen  (No Parking available) 
5 min. walk from Hankyu-KARASUMA, Subway-SHIJO orKARASUMA-OIKE . map


“Japanese tea ceremony with Japanese unbaked sweets of sweet beans paste"

 Non-Japanese ¥1,000  Japanese ¥2,000

 Please bring an apron, two washing towels and a pen.

 Please be sure to contact us by two days before the class,
 →→Booking Form HERE booking
 If there is any difficulty opening the booking form, please email to ,
 describing the following items;  
    *name (your friends' names, if any)  
    *e-mail address
    *phone number  
    *which class?
    *If you are a vegetarian, please let us know.


Thank you for joining KCC as always.
We are very happy that a lot of people come to our cooking classes and enjoy the experience together.

However, we feel sad that some students cancel their cooking classes without letting us know.
We have so many students on our waiting list that unfortunately we have to turn down their applications.
We are also disappointed that we have to waste food we prepared for them.

So we would like you to contact us by the day before when you want to cancel.

We try to offer you enjoyable lessons and the opportunity to learn Japanese culture, focusing the importance of food quality and safety for the reasonable fee as well.

Thank you for your corporation.

Best regards;

KCC staff

kcc The article of "A traditional Japanese cooking experience" was appeared in 「Life in Kyoto 07/4・5, Life and culture newsletter in Kyoto.(click
 Trial Handmade

Class in December,2006:
The staff of "Incorporated nonprofit organization SENBOKU SOBAUCHI FUKYUNOKAI"(URL) taught us how to make soba noodle. Japanese people traditionally eat toshikoshi noodles on New Year's Eve.

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We will teach you healthy, casual, Japanese home-style dishes.
Experienced Japanese cooking teachers teach you in Japanese.
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cookieTOPIC There are many overseas students from the Coast Sumatra-Indonesia earthquake
and tsunami-afflicted countries in Kyoto.Also some of them are KCC's regular guests. We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy for this tragedy.
KCC is working to aid them by selling hand-made cookies and the pictures of the previous beautiful sea and could accept great donations at the class.
We would appreciate all of you for showing your kind support and generous donations. Thank you.



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