Handmade GANMODOKI (Fried tofu ball mixed with vegetables)
& Deep-fried tofu pizza

Do you like tofu? Fresh tofu as Hiyayakko is delicious, because tofu itself has wonderful taste. Especially vegetarians' cooking using much tofu has been developed in Kyoto because there are many temples here.
At class, we cook GANMODOKI, one of tofu dishes. Though we can buy cooked Ganmodoki from supermarkets and simmered it at home. We are impressed at the delicious taste of hot handmade Ganmodoki. We might cook it more easily than we expected.
And another dish is an original recipe, Deep-fried tofu pizza.

Ingredients (4 servings): 1Tbsp=15ml, 1tbs=5ml
1 cake tofu (400g), 50g carrot, 50g onion,
1-2 pieces shiitake mushrooms, 
1 tsp. hijiki seaweed + 200ml water,
1/2 potato (or Yam) grated, 2 Tbsp flour,
1/3 tsp. salt, 1 egg, oil for deep-fry, lemon, salt
 1. Wrap tofu cakes in cloth or paper towels, place on a cutting board and
   weight lightly on top and let stand for 30 min, to remove excess water.

 2. Soak hijiki seaweed in water for 20 min. and drain . instruction1

 3. Chop carrot, onion and mushroom.    instruction2   instruction3

 4. Carefully squeeze tofu wrapped with cloth.   instruction4

 5. Mix well with hijiki seaweed, vegetables,
   grated potato, flour, salt, egg and tofu.
 6. Divide it into 12 portions and make a ball
   and flatten slightly.
   Deep-fry them (160℃)/320F.

 7. Serve hot balls with salt, lemon or soy sauce.

※Note: We can also put ginkgo, gobo, green onion etc. inside.
      Do not put too much inside, or it will be difficult to make a ball and get rough finishing.

※Recipe variation: AKINOGOZEN (Autumn dishes)

Deep-fried tofu pizza
Ingredients (4 servings):
2 pieces big "age"(deep-fried tofu)、4 Tbsp. cheese, mayonnaise (if you like)
vegetables: mushrooms, green onion, green pepper, asparagus and etc.
Sweet miso sauce: 2 tbsp miso, 1 Tbsp sugar and 2 Tbsp mirin (sweet sake)→Mix them well

 1. Cut 3 edges of "age" as illustrations then open it.

   instruction7      instruction8cut 3 edges
 2. Cut into half.    instruction9

 3. Spread sweet miso sauce on "age", put vegetables and cheese on it.
   Bake them for 5-6 min at 200℃.(Time and temperature may vary form your oven type)

        tofu pizza photo

Autumn is the harvest season in Japan. We can get many delicious and fresh ingredients with low prices.
For example, newly harvested rice, a variety of Japanese potatoes, mushrooms, sweet pumpkins, chestnuts, ginkgo-nuts, persimmons, apples, citrus-fruits, green leaves vegetables and so on.
Let’s make handmade Ganmodoki, Satsumaimo-Gohan, Kaki-to-Ringo-to-Kikuna-no-Aemono, and Italian minestrone soup (Maria, one of our KCC staffs, introduces us the Italian homemade soup ‘the simple Minestrone’ using Japanese vegetables.)
These recipes are versatile enough to use on many different autumn ingredients.
We can arrange to cook and enjoy them!
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