Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
(Japanese Seasonal Cuisine on the tray)
Kaiseki Cuisine has been developed as a traditional formal feast that the Host invites the guests and entertains them at a tea ceremony.
We 'd like to introduce the casual style Kaiseki, called Tenshin in this month.
It is a light meal at a tea-gathering, being served all at once on one tray or a lunch-box.
Autumn is the season of harvest, so we can get a variety of delicious ingredients in Japan for cooking.
Would you enjoy this season by tasting and seeing Japanese Seasonal Cuisine?
Also, we hope you'll try it at your home again!


■ Kinoko Gohan (Rice with mushroom)
Ingredients:(4 servings)
1.6C rice, 0.4C glutinous rice,(4:1), 1pack Shimeji mushroom, 1pack Enoki mushroom,
2C dashi-stock, 3Tbsp.light soy sauce, 1Tbsp.mirin, 1/2tsp.salt, 1Tbsp.sake

  1. Wash rice & glutinous rice well, drain in a sieve. Let stand for 30 min.
  2. Wash mushrooms and cut into a small pieces.
  3. Place rice, dashi with seasonings (soy-sauce, mirin) and all ingredients in a pot (or rice-cooker), mix lightly, and cook.
  4. Let stand for about 10min., and mix so that rice & mushrooms are combined well.
  5. Mold rice into each shape.
■ Toriniku Yasai Maki (Rolled chicken and vegetables) 
Ingredients:(4 servings)
2pieces (200g each) chicken thigh, 1/2 carrot, 12strings-beans, 1&1/2Tbsp. sugar,
Each 5Tbsp(75cc) soy-sauce, sake, mirin, 2Tbsp.water or boiled-chicken soup.

  1. Cut carrot into 4strips lengthwise. Boil carrots and strings-beans, drain and cool them.
  2. Cut chicken into a half (100g each ), spread out each fully and evenly, slash the sinew in a few places .
  3. Rolled each chicken around 1carrot and 3beans as a core.
  4. Wrap chicken rolls with the plastic wrap tightly, twist both side a little bit loosely.
  5. Microwave them for about 7min.
  6. Burn them on a frying-pan and steam them with seasonings and boiled-chicken soup for 10-15min.
 Dashimaki Tamago (Rolled omelette with dashi)
Ingredients:(4 servings)
4 eggs, 1/4C(50cc) dashi-stock, 1Tbsp sugar, 1/2tsp salt. vegetable oil,

  1. Beat eggs well in a bowl.
  2. Add sugar, salt to dashi. Mix well, then blend into beaten eggs. Strain into a sieve.
  3. Heat an omelette pan under low-heat. Pour in a small portion of egg mixture and spread evenly on it.
  4. When the mixture is half done, roll toward front of the pan. Slide roll to the other end, and add more of the egg-mixture. Repeat this, making the roll bigger.
  5. When egg roll is done, shape evenly by using a rolling-mat or plastic-wrap and cut into pieces.
 Kudamono no Karashi-sumiso-ae
   (Seasonal Fruits with mustard-miso sauce)
Ingredients:(4 servings)
1/2 nashi(Japanese pear), 1small persimmon,
  2Tbsp(40g)white-miso, 2/3Tbsp(10g)sugar, 1&1/3Tbsp vinegar, Japanese mustard

  1. Mix all dressing ingredients well.
  2. Cut fruits into pieces.
  3. Combine fruits & dressing in a bowl just before serving.
 Salmon, Mitsuba-no-Aemono
   (Marinate salmon & trefoil<Japanese herb leaves>)
Ingredients:(4 servings)
50gSliced smoke salmon, 1 bunch(50g) of Mitsuba,
Dressing : 1tsp light soy-sauce, 1tsp sake, a pinch of salt(for the boil)
  1. Parboil mitsuba in light salted water until soft but not soggy. Drain and cool it.
  2. Squeeze out excess water, and cut into 1-inch lengths.
  3. Peel salmon skin and slice it diagonally into strips..
  4. Mix salmon & mitsuba with dressing in a bowl.
 Eringi-no-Yakimono (Grilled Eringi-mushroom with Ponzu-sauce)
Ingredients:(4 servings)
2 eringi-mushrooms, yuzu(Japanese lime )skin, ponzu(soy-sauce ,dashi, vinegar)-sauce

  1. Grilled eringi into the oven.
  2. Grated yuzu -skin. Sprinkle with yuzu-powder and pour ponzu-sauce a little.
 Kamaboko (Steamed fish-paste )
  Cut steamed fish-paste into beautiful shapes.

■ Kaiseki-style Miso-soup
Ingredients:(4 servings)
3cup dashi, miso-paste, Nama- Fu( Kyoto-style fresh wheat gluten)
Japanese mustard

■ Satsuma-imo chakin-shibori (Sweet Potato Dumlings) 
Ingredients:(5 servings)
200g sweet potato(peeled and diced),
15g butter, 1/2egg yolk, 1-2Tbsp sugar, cinnamon powder
For the glaze : 1/2 egg yolk, mirin (or water)

  1. Peel the skin and dice sweet potato, soak in water for a few minutes. Boil them in new cold water until soft. (If using micro wave, need plastic food-wrap to cover potatoes.)
    (If preparing by steam, leave skin until soft, and peel it.)
  2. Drain and mash them while still warm.
  3. Add butter, sugar, egg yolk,and mix well. Add cinnamon powder.
  4. Shape the mixture into a ball or sweet potato form.
    * To make Cakin-shibori form :
    Wrap one portion of sweet potatoes (like a ball) in kitchen cloth and twist the top of it gently to form a dumpling.
  5. Mix egg yolk and mirin (or water) for the glaze.
    Paste the glaze and bake it until golden.
    (10min.for 180℃ oven, or 7-8min. for oven-toaster)

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