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Kakitama-jiru (Beaten egg soup)

"Kakitama-jiru" (beaten egg soup) is a kind of clear soup and useful for daily menu.

Please refer to "Chikuzen-ni" (sauteed & simmered vegetables with chicken) and "Kyuuri-to-myoga-no-misozuke" (cucumber &myoga with miso sauce)

Ingredients (4 servings):
Soup :
4cups(800cc) of water, 10cm square of konbu kelp, 1handful dried bonito flakes(20g)

2 eggs, 1/2 bunch mitsuba (trefoil-leaves), 1/2tsp salt,1Tbsp sake,1tsp light
soy sauce, 2 tsp katakuriko starch (or corn starch) + 2 tsp of water

  1. Prepare to dissolve starch with an equal portion of water.(Starch-water mixture)
  2. Beat eggs lightly.
    Cut mitsuba into 3 cm lengths. direction
  3. Put dashi and seasonings in a soup pot, and cook until it starts to boil.
    (If necessary, add pinch salt and soy sauce more.)

    direction next direction next direction next

    direction Dashi (Plain Soup)
  4. Add starch-water mixture gradually to be more thickened, and stir lightly with ladle.
  5. Swirl in beaten egg, rotating the pot. When beaten egg become hard , cover with
    a lid and turn off the heat.

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  6. Place mitsuba in a bowl , add hot broth.
  It's better to pour beaten egg in a pot after adding in a little starch-water mixture.
  Be careful not to add too much starch-water mixture in a pot to avoid "ankake"
  like a Chinese dishes.


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