Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Maki-Zushi (Rolled Sushi)
■Sushi rice (to make 4 rolled sushi and 8 sushi in a pouch)
4 cup (720ml) short-grain rice, 4 cup (720ml) water,
    (less water than regular rice. Harder rice is better for sushi.)
 Seasoning for sushi rice: 120ml rice vinegar + 6 Tbsp sugar + 1/2 Tbsp salt
    (You may use already prepared sushi vinegar.)
 Hand vinegar: (vinegar + water, for moistening your hands and
     wiping wooden sushi bowl or knives)
Place cooked rice in a large wooden sushi bowl and spread. (refer to sushi rice)
Pour the seasoning for sushi rice over it and mix it with rice in a quick and slashing motion in gently but thoroughly, fanning the rice with a fan.

■Maki-Zushi  (2 variations)
4 sheets nori seaweed, toasted
 A: 1/2cucumber, 50g thinly sliced grilled eels ,rolled omelet
 B: 1/2cucumber, 4 sticks of ''imitation crab", rolled omelet

  1. Place a sheet of nori seaweed on a bamboo rollingmat, spread with rice,
    Leaving 3cm wide space empty on the side away from you. Lay out each ingredient and all the way, holding ingredients in place.
    direction     direction

  2. Cut each roll into 8 portions, and arrange on serving plates.

*Cooking Hints:
When toasted nori seaweed is too dry and easily breaks in roling sushi, moisten nori by sprinkling vinegar with you fingers.
Wipe a knife with a tightly wrung dishcloth when cutting rolls.
Each sushi will be cleanly cut, "Tezu" or "Temizu": .a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water.
When making sushi, it is often used to wet hand for avoiding sticky fingers or to clean up equipment.

■Arranged Maki-Zushi (4 variations)
*Let's try to make 4 variations of arranged rolled sushi.
Filling variations:
  1. Eel, imitation crabs, cucumber, rolled omelette.
  2. Potato croquettes, lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise
  3. Thin omlette, red picked ginger, cucumber, "Sakura Denbu(*)"
      (*) mashed fish boiled with sugar and pink colored
  4. Avocado, cucumber, red picked ginger, lettuce, imitation crabs, roasted sesame seeds
*Your favorite fillings provide wonderful variations.


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