Nabe (One-pot dish) Party
1. TSUMIRE (Chicken dumpling) nabe
2. TARACHIRI (Codfish nabe)

1. TSUMIRE (Chicken dumpling) nabe
Ingredients:(4 servings)
[Chicken dumpling]
 400g ground chicken, 1/2 fine chopped Japanese leek, 1 egg, 1/2 tofu,
 2 Tbsp sake, 1 Tbsp ginger juice, 1/2 tsp salt

[extra ingredients] (appropriate amount)
 Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, carrot, Japanese leek,
 Shungiku (chrysanthemum leaves), miso, sake, sugar

[Zosui (Rice soup)]
 Rice (appropriate), 1 egg
 Condiments: chili pepper, prickly ash (sansho), yuzu citron and so on.
  1. All ingredients for chicken dumping are combined well in a bowl.
    instruction  instruction
  2. Bring enough water to the boil in a pan. Put dollop of mixture into the boiling water.

  3. When meatball get solid, put miso, sake, sugar into soup and take a taste of soup.

    instructionPut vegetables and other ingredients into a pan.
  4. Pot should be served at a table and kept hot while eating, so, don't cook all ingredients in a time.
  5. menuAfter the dumpling and vegetables have been eaten, you can add cooked rice to round off the meal. Let the rice cook in the hot broth for 2 to 3 minutes before serving.

2. TARACHIRI (Codfish nabe)
Ingredients:(4 servings)
4 codfish fillets, 5cm×10cm pieces of konbu kelp, 2 cake firm tofu,
Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, udon, mochi
lemon-soy sauce (PONZU)

 grated daikon radish, chili pepper flakes, grated ginger,
 rinsed scallions and so on.


 @ Place water and konbu kelp in a large pot and stand for 30 min.

  When take a seat at a table, codfish fillets, tofu, Chinese cabbage,
  mushrooms and so on should be cooked in a boiling soup.
  Please put each ingredients by piecemeal.

 A After eating fish and vegetables, you can add udon to round off the meal.


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