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Simmered OKARA(Tofu-Lees)
okaraphotoDo you know OKARA?
“Sho-jin Ryouri (Cooking)”meals, served for monks at temples, has developed for a long time because Kyoto has many temples from old days.
Tofu is one of the typical ingredients for the meals. And OKARA is the ground-up byproduct that results from the production of Tofu. It is the excellent health food in nutrition, being rich in protein and dietary fibers.
We‘d like to introduce some OKARA dishes and let’s try to make them!
*Other variations of OKARA dishes
  Okara Croquette, SHIGURE-JIRU(OKARA Soup), OKARA Brownie(Sweets)
150g OKARA, 40g carrot, 2 dried Shiitate-mushroom(+300cc water),
1cake of Chikuwa (fish paste), 1/4 cake of Abura-age (Deep-fried Tofu),
3cm square of Konnyaku( devil’s tongue), 2 green onion, 2-3Tbst soy-sauce,
1Tbst Mirin (Sweet Sake), 1Tbst Sake, 2-3Tbst sugar, vegetable oil
  1. Chop carrot, shiitake-mushroom (Soften in cold water), Chikuwa, Abura-age, Konnnyaku, green onion finely. Sauteed them in a pot.

  2. Add cold shiitate-mushroom liquid, soy-sauce, mirin, sake, sugar and the Tofu-lee (Okara) to 1).

  3. Simmer while stirring until all the liquid is gone.  Simmered Okara

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