OKONOMIYAKI (Japanese pancake)
directionOkonomiyaki is one of the most popular menu in Japan.
These Japanese pancakes are made with flour, cabbage, egg, pork or seafood, brushes with a tasty Okonomiyaki sauce.
This is good for lunch or home party around a hot plate.
Ingredients: (4 servings) for the batter
180ml water (or 180ml dashi stock with dried bonito flakes, if you have) 120g (250ml) flour
  1. instruction1Put 120g flour into a bowl, then add 180ml water of dash.
  2. Mix lightly to make batter.

  3. instruction2Divide batter into four portions.
Ingredients: (1 serving) for the filling
120g chopped cabbage (2 handful), 2Tbsp of chopped long onion, 1 egg,
1Tbsp Tenkasu (flakes of Tempura batter), Okonomiyaki sauce, oil,
30g (3 or 4 pieces) thinly sliced pork.
Red pickled ginger finely chopped is popular condiment.

※Other fillings: shrimp, squid, beef.
  1. Mix batter and fillings lightly.   instruction3

  2. Heat oil on a frying pan. Pour the batter on it and spread into 20cm size.
  3. Put sliced pork on it.
  4. Flip over to cook the other side. DON'T PRESS SO MUCH.
  5. Place on plate and put Okonomiyaki sauce.
  6. Try eating the Okonomiyaki piping-hot(while it's hot), with a dab of a mayonnaise, nori, dried bonito flakes.     
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