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‘Oyako-don (Chicken and egg donburi)
Japanese style sundae'

 Introducing ‘Oyako Donburi’ which consists of chicken and egg simmered together and then served over rice.
 Donburi dishes are widely known as a simple yet tasty meal. One can find many varieties throughout Japan, each using local ingredients.
 For dessert, we’ll make a Japanese style sundae. We hope you enjoy it!!

★ Why is it called ‘Oyako-don’?
The name of this dish literally means ‘parent and child’ referring, of course, to the chicken and egg.

■ Chicken and egg (Oyako-don) 
Ingredients (4~5 servings)
*250g chicken thigh or breast, 1 onion, 6 eggs, a little bit of mituba
*[Sauce] 200cc water, 10g dried bonito flakes, 4Tbsp sake, 4Tbsp mirin, 4Tbsp soy sauce,

1.Pour all the ingredients for the sauce in a pan and bring to a boil. Lower the heat when the mixture begins to boils and let it simmer for15 seconds.
Cool it and strain it through a sieve to obtain a clear sauce.
2.Cut onions into thin slices, (5cm wide) and cut Mitsuba into 2cm length.
3.Cut chicken into 2~3 cm cubes.
4.Pour sauce in a pan, then bring to a boil. Add onion and chicken. Once the chicken has been cooked, remove from heat and cover it with the lid.
5.Break the eggs into a bowl, add mituba. And lightly whisk.
6.Bring the sauce back to a boil. Add the egg and cook until about halfway through then cover it with the lid and remove from heat. Let it sit for 15 seconds.
7.Serve chicken and egg topping over hot rice in a bowl.

*About Donburi sauce.
★This sauce is also used in other Japanese dishes.
1.As the sauce for ’Niku-jaga (simmered sliced beef and potato)’
and ‘Kabocha-no-nimono (simmered Japanese pumpkin)
2. As the dipping sauce for Somen, Udon, and Soba noodles.
3. And as sauce for Tofu steak.
*Just a small aside, the sauce will keep in the fridge for about a week.-

*Other types of donburi:
★ Tanin-don
‘Gyu-don’ (beef and onion) with the addition of egg is called ‘Tanin-don’ because it consists of beef and egg which are unrelated. ‘Tanin’ means ‘stranger’

★ Konoha (leaves)-don
It consists of pink-colored kamaboko (steamed fish paste cake) and egg on rice, served mainly in the Kansai district.

★ Kinugasa-don
It contains Abura-age (deep-fried tofu) and egg, it’s served in the Kyoto area.
‘Kinugasa’ is the name of the area where Kinkaaku-ji temple and Ritsumeikan Univ. are located.
■Japanese style sundae
Ingredients (for 4 servings):
Vanilla ice cream

You’ll have to wait to see what Japanese toppings we’re going to use

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