Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
(Japanese sweets dumpling with cherry-leaf)
Ingredients (8-10 pieces):
 1 tsp shiratamako( glutinous rice flour),10cc water
 70cc water with a pinch of red color powder, 60g flour, 40g sugar

10 Salted cherry-leaves (Washed and wipe water with paper-towel)  direction
20g × 10 sweet red beans paste direction

To make Kawa(Crepe) :

1. Mix shifted flour and sugar in a bowl.

2. Mix shiratamako and a little of water (10cc) well.
 Add the rest of water (70cc pink colored) to it
 little by little and mix well.


3. Add 2 to 1, mix well to become soft batter. direction


To bake Crepe :

1. Heat (140°)a lightly oiled griddle, and pour
 1Tbsp batter on it, spread to form a square
 shape (7x12cm).

 Fry lightly on each side until it becomes firm
 but not brown.

2. Cool down.


To make Sakuramochi shape :

1. Spread each crepe and put 20g red beans paste
  dumping on it.
2. Cut off the stem of leaf.
3. Roll up and fold it over with cherry-leaf.


menu put it on a plate        menu side view

** Japanese Seasonal Cuisine on the tray for Spring celebration **

April is a start of the year at schools and companies in Japan.
Japanese families celebrate the happy start to the year with special dishes at home. 

Sekihan is a Japanese traditional dish for celebrations. It’s used for birthdays, weddings, some holidays, etc, because the red color symbolizes happiness.
Let’s enjoy Japanese Spring in this cooking, using typical spring fish (we say this fish brings spring to us!), fresh vegetables, and Japanese sweets.

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