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Satsumaimo-Gohan (Rice with Japanese sweet potatoes )
Autumn is the harvest season in Japan. We can get many delicious and fresh ingredients with low prices.
For example, newly harvested rice, a variety of Japanese potatoes, mushrooms, sweet pumpkins, chestnuts, ginkgo-nuts, persimmons, apples, citrus-fruits, green leaves vegetables and so on.
Let’s make handmade Ganmodoki, Satsumaimo-Gohan, Kaki-to-Ringo-to-Kikuna-no-Aemono, and Italian minestrone soup (Maria, one of our KCC staffs, introduces us the Italian homemade soup ‘the simple Minestrone’ using Japanese vegetables.)
These recipes are versatile enough to use on many different autumn ingredients.
We can arrange to cook and enjoy them!

Ingredients (4 servings):
2cups rice, 2cups (360cc) water, 250g sweet potato, 1/2tsp salt, 2Tbsp sake,
1Tbsp mirin(sweet sake), 1Tbsp light soy-sauce, 3cm square konbu-kelp
  1. Wash rice and drain in a sieve.
  2. Wash satsumaimo (potato) well, cut into1.5cm square dice (unpeeled potato), and soak in water to remove the harshness.
    direction  →→→ direction
  3. Drain potatoes in a sieve and sprinkle salt on the potatoes, let stand for a while.

  4. Place rice, water, sake, konbu-kelp into the rice-cooker and let stand for 15min.

  5. directionAdd potatoes (with salt), mirin, soy-sauce to the rice4. and cook over as usual.

  6. After cooked, remove konbu-kelp and stir lightly.

  7. Serve with the sesame-salt

               rice with sweet potato


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