Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Seki-han (Red Rice)
menuApril is a start of the year at schools and companies in Japan. Japanese families celebrate children’s happy start with special dishes in April. 

This menu is typical dishes served at the celebrations, so we feel auspiciousness in them.
Red and white are colors Japanese use for celebratory occasions. Red-Rice (not real red, but we get it.) and Red & White Salad represent on these colors for such occasions.
Yellow-tail fish is called Success-fish because of changing the called-name as growth.
Once, Samurai had been changing his name with making a success of his life.
We serve yellowtail-fish after such a custom for children’s success.
Let’s make these dishes for April celebration as the New-year’s typical dishes.
Ingredients (4 servings):
1 cup glutinous rice, 1 cup white rice, 30g red beans,
2 cups water, 1/2-1tps salt, black sesame seeds and salt
  1. Boil red beans : Rinse red beans well in water, boil for 1-2min, and drain. Add 2-3cups fresh water in the pot, and boil over a high heat. When it comes to the boil, reduce the heat to low and simmer for 20-30 min until it becomes tender.

    instruction  direction
  2. Wash glutinous rice and white rice and drain. instruction

  3. directionPrepare a sieve with bowl underneath. Transfer boiled red beans above onto the sieve, and divide beans and the liquid.

  4. Add some water to the boiled liquid so that the whole quantity becomes 2cups (360cc).

  5. instructionAdd 2(rice), 4(boiled liquid), red beans and salt into the rice cooker and switch on it.t. 


*Scoop the liquid up repeatedly with a ladle, and add some water, then the color of the cooked red rice will improve.

■Sakura-Fu no Sumashi-jiru (Clear soup with cherry-blossom wheat-gluten)
  Ingredients.(4 servings)
  Sakura-Fu (Wheat-gluten), Ki-no-me(Young leaves of Sansho Japanese pepper)
  Dashi-stock (41/2cups Water, 10cm Konbu kelp, 20-30g Dried Bonito flakes)
  Salt, Sake, Light Soy-sauce
  ※This clear soup is very suitable for celebratory menu in April.
    Sakura-Fu is the food in the shape of cherry blossom and good in April.

◆◆ another variation ◆◆
** Japanese Seasonal Cuisine on the tray for Spring celebration **
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