Chilled Shabu-Shabu (Pork Salad) with
Cooked Vegetables & Wakame Soup
■ Dressing (4 servings):
1/2 onion, 4Tbsp. soy sauce, 2Tbsp. rice vinegar, 1TSP. sugar,
2Tbsp. sesame seeds(toasted and ground)
instruction1Grate 1/2 onion and cut left onion for later use.
Mix all in a bowl.

■ Chilled Shabu-Shabu and Vegetables (4 servings):
1/2 carrot, 4 leaves of cabbage, 1/2 pack of Bean sprouts,
1 pack of shimeji mushrooms,300g/10.5oz pork (sliced paper-thin)
1. Boil 800cc water in a saucepan.       2. Cut each vegetables into pieces.
instruction2    instruction3
3. Cook cut vegetables into boiled water.

4. Drain in a sieve. ※Save boiling water for later use.

5. Boil sliced pork, then transfer to cold water in a bowl and drain.

6. Skim foam. The boiling water can be used for wakame (seaweed) soup.

■ Extra side dish using the boiling water: Wakame Soup:
     3 cups of used boiled water (above), 1 Tbsp.dried wakame seaweed,
     1 pinch of salt, 1 Tbsp. sake, pinch of pepper      direction

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