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Italian vegetable soup by Maria (Minestrone soup)
Autumn is the harvest season in Japan. We can get many delicious and fresh ingredients with low prices.
For example, newly harvested rice, a variety of Japanese potatoes, mushrooms, sweet pumpkins, chestnuts, ginkgo-nuts, persimmons, apples, citrus-fruits, green leaves vegetables and so on.
Let’s make handmade Ganmodoki, Satsumaimo-Gohan, Kaki-to-Ringo-to-Kikuna-no-Aemono, and Italian minestrone soup! (Maria, one of our KCC staffs, introduces us the Italian homemade soup ‘the simple Minestrone’ using Japanese vegetables.)
These recipes are versatile enough to use on many different autumn ingredients.
We can arrange to cook and enjoy them!
Ingredients (5-6 servings):
direction1/8hakusai(Chinese cabbage) or cabbage, 1/8pumpkin, 1carrot, 1potato,
1 pack mushrooms(shimeji, white-shimeji, shiitake, champignon, etc) ,
salt, black pepper, dried-herb oregano.
  1. directionCut the vegetables in pieces and put in the pan.

  2. directionPut water (the level of water has to be a little bit taller than the vegetable’s level) and salt in the pan.(taste the water you have to feel that are a little bit salty.)
    Put it on the fire and boil for 20min until vegetables become soft.

  3. Add black pepper, oregano (more salt if is necessary). Boil 5min more and mix if you want to obtain a cream. (normally in Italy we used to eat it without mix so the potatoes and the pumpkin, because of the long cooking time, are like a cream instead the other vegetable still be in pieces.)

            soup        directionminestrone by Maria
*Notes *
Add canned beans to the soup and boil 10 min more. If you like, put some little square of toast bread on the soup or some cheese. It is nice to add tomatoes (remember to take off the skin of the tomatoes…because a lot of people don’t like to see the skin of them floating on the soap. You can take off it before to start to cook, or in the end when you look it floating on the soap) and spinach.

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