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The spring dishes-Rolled sushi, Ball-shaped sushi
imageWe would introduce the special sakura-color (cherry pink color) sushi rice dishes for the spring's festivals, for example, "Hinamatsuri girl's festival", "the cherry blossom viewing", "the celebration of the school entrance and graduation".
This color is the expression of the pleasure of the coming spring.
Let's make the rolled sushi with spring vegetables, the wrapped sushi (ball-shaped sushi). These dishes are suitable to entertaining guests.
Also we try to make the Japanese sweets. "Ichigo daifuku mochi"(Strawberry rice cake sweets). Enjoy the taste, the harmony of soft texture!
Clear soup with rape blossoms vegetables & wheat gluten bread is suitable for those spring dishes.


★How to make sushi rice (Pink color sushi-rice):
Ingredients (3 cups servings):
3cups (1cup=180cc measuring cup, 540g) rice, 600cc (20cc x 3cups) water,
5cm square konbu-kelp, 15g Shibazuke-pickles,
sushi vinegar dressing: 5Tbsp rice vinegar, 3Tbsp sugar, 1tsp salt

  1. Wash rice carefully, drain in a sieve, and let stand it for 30min-1hour, so rice can absorb the moisture. Chopped the shibazuke-pickles, put them in a paper bag for tea. Soak this bag in 600cc of water to extract the pink color. Transfer the rinsed rice from the sieve to the rice cooker. Add shibazuke-water, konbu kelp and cook.
  2. Mix together all the sushi dressing ingredients and heat them. * Not to boil.

  3. directionLet stand the rice for 10min after we finished cooking it. Then, transfer hot rice to a large wooden sushi bowl, put sushi vinegar over it. Mix rice by cutting across it in a fast slashing motion. Then, cool it.
  ※This sushi rice is special spring color!
    Regular sushi rice is not used shibazuke.

★Maki-zushi (Rolled sushi):
Ingredients (2cups,=2 rolls):
directiondirection2cups pink-color sushi rice,
2 Rolled egg omelet ( Ingredients :2eggs,
30cc dashi-stock, 1/2tsp light soy-sauce)
8kani-kamaboko (crab meat past cake),
4leaves of lettuce,
1 cucumber (cut in long sticks),
4sheets of Nori(toasted seaweed)

1.How to cook tamago-yaki (rolled egg omelet)
  1. directionBeat eggs, add dashi stock and all seasonings.

  2. Coat a square omelet pan with oil and heat until a drop of egg mixture sizzles.

  3. Put in a small portion of egg mixture and spread evenly. When the mixture is half done, roll it toward front of the pan and grease empty space in the pan and add more egg mixture

  4. directionWhen it is half cooked, roll it, in the opposite direction compared to before, grease empty space again.
    Add more egg mixture. Repeat this to obtain a big roll.

  5. Serve the omelet ion the plate.

  6. When omelets cool down, cut into long sticks.

2. How to roll sushi
  1. directionPlace a sheet of nori seaweed on a bamboo rolling mat, spread rice thinly over the nori, leaving 3cm wide space empty on the one side.

  2. Put the long stick of omelet& cucumber, crab meat kamaboko, lettuce in the center of rice, and roll up, starting to the opposite respect the 3cm of empty space, holding all ingredients in the middle. (Mayonnaise also can be used)

    direction  next  direction

★Temari-zushi (handball shaped sushi):
Ingredients (4 servings):
1cup(180cc) of sushi-rice, 1Tbsp white sesame seeds, red-turnip pickles.
  1. directionCombine sesame seeds with sushi rice and mix, divide rice into 12pieces of ball.

  2. Cut red turnip pickles in thin slices and cut it in shape similar cherry blossoms.

  3. Roll up sushi rice balls and place the turnips blossoms on the rice for the topping.

  4. directionWrap and shape them with using the plastic food wrap.


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