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Takikomigohan (rice with vegetables and 'Age')
menuIt’s important for preparing Japanese cuisine to maintain the sharpness of a knife.
Now, we introduce “Takikomi-gohan” (rice with vegetables and Age), and “Sawani-wan” (vegetables and pork soup), trying to chop vegetables finely with the sharpened knives. Also, we try to cook the rice in a pot instead of the automatic rice-cooker.

Ingredients (4 servings):
2cups(360g)rice, 2cups(400cc)water, 40g burdock, 40g carrot,
2 dried shiitake-mushrooms, 10cm square sheet Age(thin deep-fried-tofu),
20g dried small fish, 2Tbsp sake, 1/3tsp salt, 1Tbsp light soy-sauce

direction  ←burdock
1. direction Wash rice carefully, soak in water for 30min, and drain in a sieve.
2.  direction Wash burdock root, shave the skin, cut them as if sharpening a pencil.
Rinse with water and soak in water.  direction
3.  direction

Cut carrot, mushrooms, age into thin strips.
    direction    direction
4.  direction Place rice, water with all vegetables, age, all seasonings in a pot. Put the lid on it and cook over medium heat for 5-7min.
5.  direction When boiling, turn down to low heat and cook for 8-10min.
Turn up heat to high at the finish for 5 seconds and remove from heat.
↑↑ The photo above is the different type of pot (earthen pot)
Let stand for about 10min, add chirimenjako(small fish=photo below). Mix so that rice, vegetables, age are combined well

※To shave burdock root : Cut them as if sharpening a pencil. An easy method is to lay them side by side on a cutting board and alternately roll them slightly and make oblique cuts.

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