Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Tounyu (Soymilk) Chawan-Mushi Ankake
(Soymilk savory cup custard with thick sauce)
※Tonyu (soymilk) Chawan Mushi Ankake is one of the variation of traditional
  "CHAWANMUSHI". Please see this recipe, too.

Ingredients (4 servings)
Custard : 2 eggs, 300cc soymilk,
Yurine (Lily roots), Namafu(fresh wheat gluten), Grilled Unagi (eel), Mitsuba (trefoil, herb leaves)
Other ingredients (chicken, shrimp, mushroom etc) can be added.
Sauce : 400cc water+ 5cm square Konbu kelp(Soak kelp in water for 20min.)
6g dried Bonito flakes, 1/4tsp salt, 1tsp light soy-sauce,
1Tbsp katakuriko-starch +1&1/2 Tbsp water,

  1. To make custard: Beat 2 eggs lightly, add soymilk to the eggs. Mix well and
    strain through a sieve.
  2. Place lily-roots, Namafu, eel, Mitsuba in the serving cups, pour in custard mixture gently.
  3. How to steam:
    Put some water in a large flat shallow pot, bring it to the boil.
    Transfer the cups to the boiled pot, cover with a lid and boil again.
    Steam over high heat for 2-3min., and steam over low heat for 8min.
    Turn off the heat and let stand for 5min.  direction
  4. To make thick sauce (Ankake):
    @ Place the pot (water and kelp) over low heat.
      Remove Konbu kelp just before boiling. Add Bonito flakes to it.
      When water boils, remove from heat. Let stand for 1-2min and strain the liquid.
    A Heat Dashi stock again and add seasonings in a saucepan and bring to a boil.
    B Add Katakuriko starch -water mixture to thicken.
  5. Pour hot sauce into each bowl.


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