menuTempura is one of the most favorite dish for everybody.
Let's enjoy cooking, and be careful with treating hot oil.   

Oil will ignite spontaneously over 300℃. Don't put something easy to burn near gas stove, it ignites and is very dangerous.

Ingredients:(4 servings)
8 shrimp in shells without heads, 100g sweet potato, 1 eggplant, 100g gobo (burdock root),
8 small green peppers, 100g carrot, 1/2 onion, oil (Salad oil) for deep-frying

1 cup flour, 1 egg and cold water added to make 1 cup

[Ten-tsuyu (dipping sauce)]
3 Tbsp mirin (sweet sake), 3 Tbsp shoyu (soy sauce), 100ml water, 5g dried bonito flakes

grated daikon radish, grated fresh ginger, salt

※ 1Tbsp=15cc, 1tsp=5cc, 1 cup=200cc=200ml
■ Ten-tsuyu (Dipping Sauce)

1. .Put 100ml of water, 3 Tbsp of mirin,
  3 Tbsp of Shoyu and 5g of dried bonito
  flakes in a pan. Then boil water.
2. After boiling for 30 seconds, remove
  from the heat. Then, strain the
  soup stock.   
  1. Peel shell and remove back vein leaving the tail.
  2. Trim tail of shrimp by cutting of tip, and force out any moisture with the back of a knife, make several shallow cuts across the underside of each shrimp so that they lie flat.

■ Vegetables
 Cut vegetables into bit-sized pieces and wipe dry well not to burst in hot oil.
 Cut sweet potato into thin slices.
 Make small cuts on green peppers not to burst into hot oil.
■ Batter
Mix egg and ice water in a boil, and add flour, the combine lightly.
If over-beaten, or if the water in not cold enough, the batter becomes somewhat sticky, and will not produce a crispy finish when fried. Be sure to keep the batter chilled.
■ Deep-Fry
  1. Preheat oil to 170℃〜180℃ (338F〜356F).
  2. Dip each vegetables and shrimp in batter and deep-fry. Eating hot food is best!!
☆Other ingredients for Tempura
Lotus root, white fish, chicken, dried shrimp, nori, shiso, and so on
When using Tofu, please towel-dry well not to burst in hot oil.)
☆Cooking Hint☆ -- To produce a crispy finish --
  • Check the oil temperature
  • Don't over-beaten
  • Fry only enough amount at one time to cover about half the surface of oil in order to allow the ingredients to move freely.
    It is important to keep the oil temperature constant while frying.
  • Use all purpose flour (not flour for bread). In Japan, they sell special flour for tempura (Tempura-ko), it is easy to deep-fry.

To determine oil temperature
  • direction320F:
    A drop of batter will sink to the bottom of the pan, and slowly float up to the surface.

  • direction340F:
    A drop of batter will sink halfway to the bottom, and float up.

  • direction360F:
    A drop of batter will float on the surface, making a frying sound.

(authorized: "100 recipes form Japanese Cooking", Kodansha Int. Ltd.)
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