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‘Tendon - Tempura served over a bowl of rice
Wakame seaweed and cucumber salad with vinegar dressing
Sumashi-iiru with Canola Blossoms & Fu wheat gluten.

 Do you like Tempura?
 Tempura came to Nagasaki, on the Southern island of Kyushu, from Portugal about 400 years ago. And in the late 18th century, it became popular as a common food stall dish. It later became popular all over the world as a classic Japanese dish.
 In Japan, one can find tempura almost everywhere, whether it’s a tempura meal set at a fancy restaurant, tendon lunch box at the grocery store, or with soba at a noodle restaurant, one can enjoy a wide variety of tempura dishes.
 Today, we will make tendon, which consists of a bowl (donburi) of rice topped with deep-fried vegetables and prawns. Afterwards, we’ll make wakame and cucumber   salad with a vinegar dressing, and Sumashi-jiru (clear soup) with spring vegetables.

■ Tendon (tempura served over a bowl of rice)
Ingredients (4 servings)
*For Tempura : 8 prawns, 4 green bell peppers, 4 leaves of green shiso herb,
1/4(50g) sweet potato, 1/4 onion, 4 shiitake-mushrooms, a pinch of flour, oil

*For Tempura batter : 2/3cups all purpose flour + 3Tbsp corn starch (1cup)
1egg + 1/2~2/3 cup of ice water (1cup or below)

*For Tendon sauce :
150cc dashi stock, 5Tbsp(75cc) soy sauce, 5Tbsp(75cc) mirin, 1Tbsp sugar,

* Tendon : grated daikon radish, grated fresh ginger,
steamed white rice (2~2.5 cups of short grained rice )
1.*To make sauce
(1)Pour mirin in a pan and bring it to a boil, add soy sauce, dashi stock, sugar and continue to boil it.

2. * To prepare tempura
(1)☆prawns : Remove the shells and guts from the prawns, leaving the tail.
Cut off the tip of the tail, and force out any moisture with the back of a knife.
Cut a little inside of the prawns at several places to flatten.
☆onion : Cut 5mm wide slices and attach each onion to a toothpick.
☆sweet potato : Wash, then cut 5mm wide slices, and soak in water for a few min. to remove bitterness. Drain excess water.
☆green bell pepper : make small cuts on it .
☆shiitake mushroom, green shiso leaves : Take off the stems.
(2)Wipe, dry well, and sprinkle flour over each ingredient so it won’t burn in the hot oil.

3. *To make tempura batter
(1)Mix the egg and ice water in a bowl, add flour and corn starch to it, stir it lightly.
Be careful not to over-beat it or it’ll become too sticky.

4. *To deep-fry
(1) Pre-heat oil to 170℃~180℃(340F~360F).
(2) Dip the vegetables and prawns in the batter.
First, deep-fry the vegetables at over 170℃ and then raise the heat to 180℃ to fry the prawns while removing the tempura flakes on the surface of the oil.
(3)Deep-fry only enough at one time to cover about half the surface of the oil in order to allow the ingredients to move freely.
(4)Place the fried food on a draining tray to remove excess oil.

*To determine oil temperature

 *340F(170℃)  *360F(180℃)
direction    direction direction

A drop of batter at
320F : will sink to the bottom of the pan and slowly float to the surface.
340F : will sink halfway to the bottom and then float to the surface.
360F : will float on the surface, making a frying sound.

5.*To make tendon
(1) Put hot steamed rice in each Donburi (bowl).
(2) Place the tempura, grated daikon, and grated ginger over the hot rice and pour the hot tempura sauce over it.
■ Wakame-to-kyuri-no-sunomono
(Wakame seaweed and cucumber salad with vinegar dressing)
Ingredients 4 servings):
2 cucumbers, 5g dried wakame seaweed ( or 30g fresh wakame),
Shredded fresh ginger, 1/2tsp salt.
Vinegar dressing : 3Tbsp rice vinegar, 2Tbsp sugar, 1tsp light soy-sauce, a little lemon juice
1. Thinly slice 2 cucumbers, sprinkle with salt, and mix quickly.
When the cucumbers soften, squeeze out excess water.
2. Soak wakame seaweed in water, blanch it quickly, and rinse in water.
Squeeze out excess water, and cut it into 1cm lengths.
3. Make the vinegar dressing.
4. Add cucumbers and wakame to the dressing and mix well before serving.
5. Arrange on a plate and garnish with the julienned ginger.
■ Nanohana-to-fu-no-sumashijiru
(Shumashi-iiru with Canola Blossoms & Fu wheat gluten)
Ingredients (for 4 servings):
Dashi : 4-5 cups of water, 10cm square konbu(kelp), 1 handful of bonito flakes,
A pinch of salt, 1tsp of soy sauce, 1Tbsp sake,
Some Nanohana(canola blossoms), or Mitsuba, 12 dried Fu(wheat gluten), shimeji-mushroom
1. Boil Nanohana briefly.
2. Soak dried Fu in water. And squeeze them lightly.

3. *How to make dashi
Pour water and konbu in a soup pot and let stand for 30min.
Turn heat to medium and remove konbu just before the water boils.
Add bonito flakes. Boil the water for about 1min. and remove from heat.
Remove the bonito flakes after they sink down to the bottom of the pot.

4. Pour dashi, soy sauce, and sake in a soup pot, bring to a boil, and add a pinch of salt. Add Fu and shimeji to dashi soup.
5. Place some nanohana in each bowl, then add hot broth, shimeji and Fu.

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