Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Tofu Dumplings with Sweet Brown Sauce
■ Tofu dumplings (for about 20 pieces):
Ingredients: 80g rice flour (Dango-ko), 100g tofu
  1. Place rice flour in a bowl and add tofu gradually, kneading until dough becomes "as hard as our earlobes"
  2. Make small dumplings (2-3cm in diameter) with the dough.
  3. Boil dumplings in hot water.
  4. When they rise to the surface, drain and immerse immediately in cold water
■ Dipping Sauce:
Ingredients: 150ml water, 40g sugar, 20ml soy sauce, 10ml sweet sake, 20g (or less) starch
Directions: mitarashidango
Heat the all ingredients in a pan and mix gradually in low heat to thicken.
※It is delicious also with Sweet Red-Bean Paste or
   Sweet soy Powder (sugar +soy powder)

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