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Letfs serve guests Udon
Kakiage Tempura Udon & Kayaku Gohan
[White Wheat Noodle with Tempura & Rice with Soysauce and Seasonal ingredients]
menuThere are a lots of Udon shops in Kansai area. Udon is familiar food and diet ideal for busy people like businessman pressed for time, or we can eat out as light meal. They are also popular with foreigners because of healthy menu -low calorie, low fat. Udon shops have variety of menu Kitsune(dried tofu) Udon, Tsukimi(boiled egg) Udon, Curry Udon and so on.
You often see gUdon-Teishoku(set meals)h like set with Kayaku-gohan and Udon on the menu in Kansai area. gKayakuh means ingredients except for rice. It is called gTakikomi-gohanh or gGomoku-meshih
Thought Udon is rich in carbohydrate to be converted to energy for our bodies and brain, it has high digestion absorption so we feel hunger a few hours later. Udon-teisyoku might come from such a reason.
Today, we are preparing for gKakiage Udon|white wheat noodle with dry shurimp and seasonal vegitables h based on Udon-teisyoku. We lean how to fry crispy tempra and how to make stock sauce for udon.
When you master these recipes and serve your guests Udon at home, they must be astonished at the authentic Udon tastes.

Kakiage Tempra Udon (White Wheat Noodle with Tempura)
(Step 1) Udon Tsuyu (Stock sauce for Udon)
Ingredients (4 servings)F
1,500 water, 2 postcard-sized konbu (dried kelp),
30 Kongo-kezuribushi (dried fish flakes), 10 Katsuo-kezuribushi (dried bonito flakes),
3Tbsp of light soy sauce, 2Tbsp of soy sauce, 3Tbsp of sake,
2Tbsp of mirin(sweet sake), a pinch of salt

  1. directionCut the dried kelp into 2cm size rectangles.
    Place them in water in a pot. Leave them to soak for one to two hours.
    Put the pot on the high heat. Just before the water reaches to boiling point, Remove them.

  2. directionAdd the dried fish flakes and cook for 3 minutes on the low heat.

  3. Add the dried bonito flakes and cook for 10 seconds on the high heat and turn off the heat. Put paper towel over the bowl after the flake sink to the bottom. Strain the stock sauce through.

  4. Pour the stock sauce in a pot and bring to boil. Add seasoning to the stock sauce to make it taste better.

(Step 2) Kakiage Tempra
Ingredients (4 servings)F
2 syungikuiGarland chrysanthemumj, Q chikuwa(fish sausage),
Tg hoshiebi(dried shrimp), 1/Qonion, 1/2 carrot, 2Tbsp of flour.

For deep fry batter 8 Tbsp flour, Q/3 cup cold water,
  1. Remove the leaves of the shungiku and cut in half.direction

  2. Cut the fish sausage into 1 to 2mm round crosswise slices.

  3. Cut the onion into 5mm slices and break into flakes.

  4. Put the shungiku, the fish sausage, onion and 1/2 dried shrimp in a bowl.
    Coat with 1 Tbsp of flour.
  5. Combine the ingredient for deep fry batter( flour and cold water) in a bowl.
    Add the ingredients A and stir gently. ( do not mix well.)

  6. Heat oil to 150. Divide kakiage mixture into 4 potion. Fry them crispy.

(Step 3) Kakiage Tempra Udon
Ingredients (4 servings)F
1 naganegi(green onion), 4 pacages of boiled udon,
Tcups hot water, shichimi-togarashi(seven flavor chili paper)

  1. Cut the white part of the green into julienned-strips onion along the fiber.
    Mince the green part of it finely.
  2. directionTo prepare kakiage tempra udon, bring a large pot to a boil.
    Pour hot water in a big bowl to warm. Put udon in a colander and cook into hot water.
    Place udon in the big bowl and put kakiage tempura (Step 2) over the top of the udon.
  3. Pour stock sauce in the bowl and add green onion over the top.
    Spinkle seven flavor chill paper if you like.

Kayaku Gohan (Rice with Saysauce & Seasonal Ingredients)
Ingredients (4 servings)F
360cc rice, 400c.c dachi, 1 pack shimeji mushroom, 40 carrot,
abura-age(deep-fried tofu), 20g chirimenjako(fish), 1tbsp light say sauce,
2Tbsp sake,P^Rtsp salt.

  1. Rince rice and sink in water for 30 minutes. Drain in a colander.
  2. directionChop the ends of the shimeji mushroom and break into flakes.
  3. Cut the carrot and the deep-fried tofu into strips.
  4. Put rice, the shimeji mushroom, the carrot, the deep-fried tofu in a rice cooker.
    Pour Dashi and light soy sauce, sake and salt in a rice cooker and stir gently.
    Push the button of the rice cooker.
  5. Allow boiled rice to settle after rice is finished to boil. Add chirimenjako and mix gently.


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