Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Handmade "UDON" Japanese-Noodles
2 variations ("Kamaage" & Chicken dumpling nabe)
udonWhy don't you try to make 'Teuchi-Udon', handmade noodles, which we also wanted to challenge?
Each country has its' own noodles cooking, for example Italian pasta, Vietnamese noodles 'Pho-' and etc. And also Japanese typical noodles, 'Udon ' and 'Soba' are very popular.
We introduce how to make 'KCC original easy handmade Udon within 3 hours of cooking and eating'. It's real pleasure and deliciousness in making handmade Udon , though its length and thickness are disparate!
Today, we taste 'Kamaage-udon', served in the pot with dipping sauce, and 'Toriniku-dango- nabe' (Chicken dumpling nabe) with Udon.
It's the best cooking to warm both our bodies and minds in this season.

■ Teuchi-Udon (Handmade noodles)
Ingredients:(2-3 servings)
250g, Medium -strength flour ( or ready-made noodles flour, or mixture of flour for bread and all purpose flour (1:1))
Approx. 120cc water, 1Tbsp or less salt (for salt water), flour for bread,
or katakuri-ko( potato-starch)
  1. Make salt water :
    Dissolve 1Tbsp. salt in water. 

  2. Mixing flour with salt water :
    Add salt water to flour little by little , mix and knead it to become like rough powder using both hands.

  3. The first leaving time : Place the dough into the plastic bag, leave it for 30min.

  4. The second mixing and leaving time :
    Take it out from the plastic bag. Knead and make it into the circle shape by rubbing.
    Leave it for 1 hour again.
    direction   direction 

  5. Rolling out the dough:
    Sprinkle some flour on the board, roll out the dough until it is evenly thinned out to about 3mm thickness.
    direction  direction

  6. Cutting with knife :
    Sprinkle lots of flour on it, fold it like a folding screen.
    Cut from the edge in the 3mm thickness.

  7. Boiling noodles :
    Boil a generous amount of water in the large pot ( 3-4L water for 250g noodles), pat off extra flour of noodles and cook them for 8-10min.with stirring up slowly.
    direction    direction
   For Kamaage-Udon : It's better that the boiling time is shorter than usual.
   For Udon-Nabe : After boiling, rinse in water and drain onto a sieve.

■ Kaketsuyu (Dipping sauce for Udon )
Ingredients:(4 servings)
350cc water, 8g dried bonito flakes, 4Tbsp soy-sauce, 2Tbsp mirin

  1. Place all ingredients in a pot . Bring to boil and keep boiling over low heat for 1-2min.
  2. Cool down and strain.
  1) Udon cooking -time and the taste of dipping sauce are only as a guide.
    So, you can arrange them as you like.
  2) This homemade dipping sauce can be preserved for 3-4days in the fridge.
    It 's very convenient to use for all purpose dressing, for example dipping
    sauce for Tempura and Tofu-nabe, Marinated-spinach, Simmered dishes
    (Meat and potatoes, Taro-potatoes,).

■ Chicken Dumpling Nabe
Please refer to this page.
For Udon-Nabe : After boiling, rinse in water and drain onto a sieve. direction

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