Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Yaki-onigiri (Grilled rice ball )
Grilled rice balls that normally, are made at home because suitable for the cold & windy days in winter.

Soup: Kasu-jiru (Soup with sake lees)
Side dish: Hourensou-no-mizore-ae (Spinach with grated daikon radish dressing )
Ingredients (4 servings):
Rice balls
(A )seasoning :( 2 soy sauce : 1 mirin (sweet sake ) )

  1. Form rice balls : Wet your hands, put a little bit of salt on the palms and rub them together. Take the rice and give it a shape.(triangular or ball…)
  2. Grill the rice balls on both sides in the oven until becoming brown.
  3. Moreover grill them on both sides with (A )seasoning briefly, again.
  ※ NOTES:
    Normally is possible used a stove top fish grill , often used in Japan,
    and also an oven-toaster. A mix of miso and mirin can also be used
    instead of soy sauce.

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