Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Hatakena no Karashi-ae
(Green vegetable with Mustard dressing)

Hatsuuma Festival
Hatsuuma festival is an event of worship at Inari - jinja Shrine on the first Day of the Horse in February of the lunar calendar, in which people pray for a plentiful grain harvest, family's health and prosperity in business.

HATAKENA Green dressed with mustard
Kyoto people used to eat "HATAKENA green dressed with mustard" at Hatsuuma festival in February. Hatakena, having been eaten for 300 years in Japan, is a kind of Canola.

Ingredients (4 servings)
Hatakena (Green vegetable ) Green veg
Mustard dressing :
1Tbsp dashi stock, 1Tbsp soy-sauce, 1/2tsp Japanese mustard Karashi

  1. Parboil Hatakena in ample. Rinse in cold water, squeeze water from it.
  2. Cut into 3-4cm (1 inch) lengths.
  3. Dress Hatakena with Mustard dressing before serving.

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