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 Miso is a seasoning which is as necessary in Japanese cuisine as soy sauce .
A long time ago, miso was made at home in each family.
We say “Temae-Miso” which in Japanese means to toot my own horn . We use this word to boast about our home made miso .
Let’s try to make a such kind of miso.
And shall we try to make a variety of dishes using miso?

■ Buta-jiru /Ton-jiru (Miso soup with Pork and Vegetables)
Ingredients (4 servings)
150g Japanese radish(Daikon), 50g carrot, 50g goboh(burdock),
1/3 konnyaku*,
1 long onion, 1Tbsp oil, 150g pork, 700cc dashi(Japanese stock),
2~3Tbsp of Miso

*jelly-like food made from the starch of devil's tongue.
1.Peel the burdock root, cut diagonally into 5mm pieces, soak in water for 5min, and drain.
2.Cut the carrot and Japanese radish into 5mm thin quarter-round slices.
3.Cut konnyaku into thin 2cm squares.
4.Heat oil in a skillet, and stir-fry the Japanese radish, carrot, goboh(burdock), konnyaku. After that add pork and continue stir-frying.
5.When the pork browns, turn off the stove and add the dashi.
It is dangerous to add the dashi while the stove is on as dashi will spatter outside.
6.Simmer until vegetables are tender skimming off the foam for about 15 mins.
7.Add miso and check the taste. Remove from heat and add the thinly sliced long onion.
8.Sprinkle with red chili pepper powder to taste.
■Grilled rice ball (yaki-onigiri)
Ingredients (for 4 servings):
Hot rice
Miso sauce for Tonkatsu; 3 Tbsp miso, 2 Tbsp sugar (Sanontou),
2Tbsp mirin (sweet sake), 1 Tbsp sake, 2 Tbsp ground sesame seeds

1.Preparing Tonkatsu sauce; Put all sauce ingredients into a pan, and simmer them slightly while mixing.
2.Make the rice balls and allow them to cool to room temperature.
3.Grill rice balls until lightly brown.
4.Apply miso sauce on both sides.
5.Grill them again.
■ Beans’ Biscotti
Ingredients (for 4 servings):
100g flour, 1tsp baking powder,
1 egg, 70g sugar, 40g roasted soybeans, 2~3Tbsp white miso
1.Sift flour and baking powder.
2.Preheat oven to 180C(360F).
3.Beat egg , sugar and miso.
4.Mix roasted soybeans into 3.
5.Put 1 into 4 and lightly mix 
6.Shape it into baguette (bâtard).
(see upper photo)
Bake it in the oven at 180 C(360F) for 20 min.
7. Remove it from the oven and cut it into 1cm slices.
(see middle photo)
8. Place the cut ends up(see lower photo)
and bake them again at 160C (320F)for 20 min.

*Biscotti is Italian rusk which means "
twice baked" in Italian.

* Peanuts or walnuts may be used instead of
roasted soybeans.
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