Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Hiyashi Somen (Chilled somen noodle)
■ Tsuyu (dipping sauce):
400ml water, 100ml mirin, l0g dried bonito flakes, 100ml soy sauce

 Place water, mirin, soy sauce and dried bonito flakes in a soup pot at once, and bring to boil.
 When boiling, keep boiling low heat for 1min. then remove from heat and cool and filter off.

■ Hiyashi Somen Noodle (4-5 servings):
  3 bundles (300g) somen noodles
  Arrangements: 4 Kani-kamaboko(imitation crabs), 1-2 cucumber,
             1 piece of deep-fried tofu,
             1 piece of chicken breast, 3 eggs
  Condiments: grated fresh ginger, sesame seeds, toasted and ground,
            rinsed green onion (ao-negi)


Boil somen:
 1. Place somen noodles in ample boiling water (1000ml water per 100g somen),
   and stir with chopsticks_
 2. When about to boil over, add a small amount of cold water.
   When it boils for the second time, remove from heat, drain,
   and rinse in cold water, squeezing and turning the noodles with one hand. Drain.

*Refer to the directions on the package about the amount of water or boiling time

 1. Tear Kani-kamaboko (imitation crab) into pieces

 2. Cut cucumber into fine strips. (Cut cucumber into diagonal slices
   that are 2-inch in length and l/8-inch in thickness.
   Lay the slices, slightly overlapping each other,
   and cut from the end into 1/8-inch strips.


 3. Sprinkle chicken breast with salt and sake and microwave it covered
   with a sheet of Saran Wrap. After cooling down tear it into pieces.


 4. Toasted deep-fried tofu and then cut into julienne strips.
   Cut into julienne strips.

 5. Beat eggs, 2 pinches of salt and mirin, and an unfolded omelette sheet.
   Cut into julienne strips.

*Cooking Hints:
To enjoy fresh somen noodles, prepare tsuyu (dipping sauce)and yakumi (condiments)in fridge.

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