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"Chikuzen-ni "(sauteed & simmered vegetables with chicken)
We would like to introduce "Chikuzen-ni", the typical Japanese sauteed & simmered cooking dish. Also, it is called "Game-ni" or "Tori-to-yasai-no-irini".
It's the Japanese common way to cook sauteed vegetables and chicken with oil, then added dashi-soup and simmered with seasonings for a short time. It's important the cut of all ingredients and the preliminary-preparations for this dish.
Also, this dish is useful to be preserved for a few days.

*"Chikuzen" was name of a local administrative area in the west of Fukuoka prefecture. "Chikuzen-ni" is a local dish from this region, but now it's popular all over Japan.
"Kakitama-jiru" (beaten egg soup) and "Kyuuri-to-myoga-no-misozuke" (Cucumber &myoga with miso sauce) are introduced, too. This dish suggests the taste is suitable for early summer season.

Ingredients (4 servings):
400g chicken thighs, 200g boiled bamboo shoots, 200g carrot, 100g burdock root,
200g lotus root, 1 cake konnyaku, 4 dried shiitake mushrooms, 24 snow peas,
2cup dashi-stock, 1 cup soaked water of dried shiitake,
Seasonings :
4 Tbsp sake, 6 Tbsp sugar, 4 Tbsp mirin(sweet sake), 6 Tbsp soy sauce,
4 Tbsp vegetable oil a little of salt, vinegar (For preliminary preparations)

*Arrangements for cooking (preliminary preparations)
  • Chicken thighs
      Remove the skin and fat from the chicken thigh. Cut it in half and
      slice chicken diagonally into strips. (Shaving cut)
  • Boiled bamboo shoots
      Wash boiled bamboo shoots well. 
      Cut into the triangular shapes( like wedges shapes).
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  • Carrot
      Peel carrot and cut into the triangular shapes. Soak carrot in water.
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  • Burdock root
      Peel burdock root with the back of knife. Cut it into the triangular
      shapes. Soak burdock root in light vinegar water for removing the harshness.
      Rinse burdock and drain in a sieve.
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  • Lotus root
      Peel lotus root and cut it into the triangular shapes
      Soak lotus root in vinegar water. Rinse it briefly in water and drain.
  • Konnyaku
      Boil konnyaku in hot water for 5 minutes. Then, cut konnyaku in
      small pieces (bite-size) with a spoon.
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  • Dried shiitake
      Soak dried shiitake mushrooms in water and remove stems.
  • Snow peas
      Take off the strings of snow peas. Boil briefly in hot water mixed with
      a little of salt, and rinse in cold water.

  1. Heat oil in a pan. Add chicken and fry over a medium heat. Add carrot, burdock, lotus root, konnyaku and shiitake and continue to fry. (without snowpeas)

  2. Add dashi , shiitake water , and simmer over a medium heat. When it starts to boil, skim off the foam and add sugar and sake. Simmer over for 10min.
    Add soy sauce and mirin, cover with lid to ensure that all the ingredients are seasoned thoroughly.

  3. Keep cooking until the sauce liquid is almost gone.

  4. Transfer the chikuzenni to the serving dishes, and top with snow peas.
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  Remove from the heat and cool down the bottom of the pan to prevent
  the chicken from sticking to the pan. Transfer the sauteed ingredients to
  a sieve, put hot water on them to remove extra oil.


  ☆ Variation: Lunch Box  menu

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