Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
(Cucumber &myoga with miso sauce)

"cucumber & myoga with miso sauce" suggests the taste is suitable for early summer season.

Please refer to "Chikuzen-ni"(the typical Japanese sauteed & simmered vegetables with chicken) and "Kakitama-jiru" (beaten egg soup).

Ingredients (4 servings):
4 cucumber, 4 myoga (Japanese ginger),
4 Tbsp miso, 2 Tbsp mirin, pinch of salt

  1. Salt cucumbers and roll them, pressing lightly, on a cutting board.
    Boil briefly in water and soak in cool water. Cut it in small pieces ( bite size).
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  2. Chop myoga into thin ring shapes
  3. Combine seasonings, add cucumbers and myoga, and mix well.

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  4. Serve.

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