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Kasu-jiru (Soup with Sake lees)
menuLet’s try to make Kasu-jiru (Soup with sake lees): the main ingredient of this typical dish
is Sake-kasu(sake lees).
Sake-lees is the rice malt remaining after sake (Japanese wine) production. (*)
Sake-lees contains a quantity of alcohol, for this reason it warms us up when we eat it.
Nowadays, because of the high quantity of nutrients contain in the sake lees, its
importance, like as ingredient in the Japanese cooking, is increasing.

We would like to introduce also other simple and healthy recipes ,Hourensou-no-mizore-ae (Spinach with grated daikon radish dressing) and Grilled rice ball, that normally, are made at home because suitable for the
cold & windy days in winter.

 (*)About Sake & Sake lees : Sake is produced by the multiple parallel fermentation of polished rice. The process of milling removes the protein and oils from the exterior of the rice grain, leaving behind starch. Multiple fermentation means that there are multiple steps in the fermentation process - the starch is converted to sugar by enzyme(enzymes for the starch conversion in sake come from the action of a mold called koji) action, and then the sugar is converted to alcohol by yeast. After fermentation, the product is heavily clouded with grain solids and is generally filtered, obtaining the sake and the sake lees.

Ingredients (4 servings):
5 cups dashi-stock, 100g sake lees, 2~3 Tbsp white miso, 2 fillets of salted salmon,
150g daikon radish, 50g carrot, 1/3 slice of konnyaku (devil’s tongue jelly),
green onion, Japanese pepper, sansho pepper
  1. Cut salmon into bite-sized pieces, and put hot water over it to remove the fishy odor.
  2. Cut daikon radish, carrot and konnyaku in thin rectangles.
  3. Place dashi stock and 1, 2 in a soup pot, boil until it becomes soft, with skimming it sometimes.
  4. Remove the pot from the heat. Add the sake lees in a soup pot.
  5. After the sake lees melt in the soup pot, add white miso in it and simmer for a few min. and turn off the heat.
  6. Transfer to soup bowls and sprinkle with green onion.
  ※ NOTES:
    Miso can also be used instead of sake lees.(If you prefer a milder sake taste,
    you can simply reduce the quantity of sake-lees or mix with white miso.)
    This soup is called ‘Ishikari-jiru’ . Because Ishikari-area in Hokkaido is
    famous for the salmons..

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