Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
Bamboo shoots and Snow peas with Japanese sauce
(Takenoko to Kinusaya no aemono)
Ingredients (4 servings):
80g Snow peas (Green peas), 80-100g boiled Bamboo shoots
   direction   direction

 3Tbsp Dashijiru(Dashi-stock), 2Tbsp soy-sauce, 1Tbsp sake, 1tsp vinegar,
 2Tbsp ground sesame seed

  1. Take off the strings of snow peas.
    directionParboil until just tender.
    Cut in half

  2. Pour hot water to boiled bamboo-shoots . Cut into 1-inch length.

  3. Dress snow peas and bamboo-shoot with Japanese sauce.

     direction Put them on a small bow

** Japanese Seasonal Cuisine on the tray for Spring celebration **

April is a start of the year at schools and companies in Japan.
Japanese families celebrate the happy start to the year with special dishes at home. 

Sekihan is a Japanese traditional dish for celebrations. It’s used for birthdays, weddings, some holidays, etc, because the red color symbolizes happiness.
Let’s enjoy Japanese Spring in this cooking, using typical spring fish (we say this fish brings spring to us!), fresh vegetables, and Japanese sweets.

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