Kyoto Cooking Circle monthly recipe
(Autumn fruits (persimmon & apple) and chrysanthemum leaves with tofu dressing)
Autumn is the harvest season in Japan. We can get many delicious and fresh ingredients with low prices.
For example, newly harvested rice, a variety of Japanese potatoes, mushrooms, sweet pumpkins, chestnuts, ginkgo-nuts, persimmons, apples, citrus-fruits, green leaves vegetables and so on.
Let’s make handmade Ganmodoki, Satsumaimo-Gohan, Kaki-to-Ringo-to-Kikuna-no-
Aemono, and Italian minestrone soup (Maria, one of our KCC staffs, introduces us the Italian homemade soup ‘the simple Minestrone’ using Japanese vegetables.)
These recipes are versatile enough to use on many different autumn ingredients.
We can arrange to cook and enjoy them!
Ingredients (4 servings):
direction1/2square-cake tofu, 1/2apple, 1/2persimmon, 1/2bunch chrysanthemum leaves, 1/2tsp light soy-sauce (for 2.)

Dressing :1Tbsp grated white sesame, 1Tbsp sesame paste, 1/2tsp salt, 1/2tsp light soy-sauce
  1. directionWrap tofu cakes in cloth or paper towels, place on a cutting board and weight lightly on top and let stand for remove excess water.

  2. directionBoil the kikuna-leaves in abundant hot water. Drain in the sieve and let cool. Squeeze and cut into 2cm length.
    Put a little bit of soy-sauce on them.

  3. Cut the apple and the persimmon in 4 pieces, then take one quarter and cut in thin slide (about 5 mm) in way to obtain a fan-shape. (Cut apple and persimmon into 5mm quarter -rounds.) Soak apples into the salt water.
    direction       direction
  4. Make dressing: Mix grated white sesame, sesame paste, salt, and light soy-sauce well. Add tofu to them and mix well.

  5. Mix fruits and kikuna-leaves with tofu dressing (4.) well. Serve it.

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